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Not only is river rock extremely beautiful, but it is easy to place, can provide utility, and is versatile. River rock can look great anywhere. Centuries of rushing water has blessed us with stunning river stones that are smooth and various colors. 

Whether you are looking to transform your outdoor space, or are trying to just add a little accent to your yard to spice up your property, river stones are always a great choice for a dazzling touch. 

Placing down river stones is also one of the easiest landscaping choices. River rock gravel requires practically no preparation, which will save you tons of money and time. Dry stone creek beds last longer than normal driveways or asphalt paths. If it is properly maintained, river rock landscaping will last for years and years to come. Thankfully, river rock beds are incredibly easy to maintain. Every couple of years you will want to put a small new layer of gravel down. The only issue that you may face are dips and crevices in your gravel, which will just require that a little more to be poured in. The new gravel will settle and compact itself. 

If you want river rock landscaping as an addition to your home, but aren’t sure where to start or exactly what you want, worry not! We have outlined some of the ways that you can use river rocks for your landscape below. 

Water Simulation 

River rocks are great for simulating water, and can be made to look like creeks or ponds. You can create a dent in the river rock landscaping and put water in it for an actual creek or pond, but river rock landscaping can be beautiful without water as well. Rocks in the form of a creek or pond are beautiful among flowers, or even with small bridges placed onto them. You can even place larger, flat rocks or river rocks to adjust the height of different parts of the creek to create a realistic, heightening effect. 


An additional idea for your river rock landscaping is to layer different sizes of rocks to create tiles. Sometimes tiles on plain grass do not create the aesthetic effect that we hope for. Having light grey stones or tiles on darker, multi-toned river rocks creates a visually stunning effect. 

Flower Beds 

River rocks are of course a great option for flower or plant beds. The contrast between multi-colored river rocks and pretty flowers creates a magnificent appeal in your garden. Stones hold heat well and also prevent erosion. River rock beds are great for other types of plants as well. If you live in an arid environment, river rock beds are ideal for cactus beds as well. You can also create a more neutral rock garden, that allows plants to grow onto them naturally and flourish. 

A River Rock Gravel Driveway 

Unlike asphalt or concrete driveways, gravel will not crack or sink under heavy loads of traffic. It also allows water to absorb into the ground below it, which will prevent runoff. River rock gravel driveways are practical and easy to install. In fact, you can install a river rock driveway on your own! If you want to install a driveway but are not sure that you want to put in a lot of effort, time, or money into one, placing river rock gravel down for a driveway is a great option for you! It is also a beautiful, unique, and versatile alternative to a concrete driveway. 


Leakage is a huge problem for a home. It can damage the structural integrity of your home, and cause a lot of expense as a homeowner. Lack of a proper drainage system can range from anything from flooding, to leakage in your basement, to a flooded garden. The good news? River rock landscaping can solve all of these problems. Prevent these expenses by using river rock landscaping. You can keep your yard looking fresh and in tip-top shape while solving the issue and diverting water before it collects and damages your home. 

A French drain is a popular diversion mechanism, and yet, as the name applies, it is simultaneously beautiful. If you have a problem area in your landscape, then you can dig a trench from the problem area to somewhere with better drainage. In the trench, you place a permeable pipe and cover it with river rocks. The water trickles down through the stones into the pipe. Not only does it functionally simulate a river, but it simulates a river aesthetically too.  Covering the pipe with river rocks, makes the trench like it occurred naturally.

Gutter system 

Many homeowners have an issue with gutters pouring pools of water into their yard. Utilising river rocks is an easy fix. Start at the base of the gutter where water comes out, and from there, build a small channel with river rocks. Guide the water wherever you want it to go, whether this be to the street or another part of your property. It’s a beautiful, easy fix! 

Erosion Control 

Erosion can destroy all of the hard work that you have put into your landscape. Topsoil for grass or a garden that is exposed and unprotected can be stripped away by water, wind, and traffic. If your topsoil is not protected or cannot absorb water effectively, it leaves an ugly bed of land underneath. Additionally, if your lawn cannot absorb water effectively, it could threaten and put pressure on the foundation of your home. In order to prevent having to spend money on solving a foundational issue, you will want to control erosion. 

Luckily, river rock landscaping can prevent erosion. A layer of river rock on a steep grade can hold in place the soil and prevent runoff, in turn preventing erosion. These rocks can even be laid upon flowers or plants, which not only hold them in place and protect them, but the flowers and plants can grow around them, creating an aesthetically stunning effect. 


Like with driveways, river rock landscaping is of course ideal for pathways as well. Pathways made from river rock gravel are affordable and low maintenance. They prevent erosion, absorb water, and prevent mud. River rock gravel is great if you want your pathway to blend into your natural landscape. 

Creative Added Decoration 

Hopefully the ideas above have demonstrated that the possibilities for use of river rocks in your yard are absolutely endless. River rocks are so beautiful on their own, that you really cannot go wrong no matter what you do with them. Consider creating barriers around driveways, paths, or pools with river rocks for a nice touch. Not only are river rocks functional, but they add a beautiful accent to your yard.  

Happy landscaping!